Root Servers Principles

Core principles for the DNS Root Server System have been identified in RSSAC037 document, as follows:

  1. To remain a global network, the Internet requires a globally unique public namespace.
  2. IANA is the source of DNS root data.
  3. The RSS must be a stable, reliable, and resilient platform for the DNS service to all users.
  4. Diversity of the root server operations is a strength of the overall system.
  5. Architectural changes should result from technical evolution and demonstrated technical need.
  6. The IETF defines technical operation of the DNS protocol.
  7. RSOs must operate with integrity and an ethos demonstrating a commitment to the common good of the Internet.
  8. RSOs must be transparent.
  9. RSOs must collaborate and engage with their stakeholder community.
  10. RSOs must be autonomous and independent.
  11. RSOs must be neutral and impartial

ICANN Root Managed Root Server (IRMS) follows and support those principles in all of its core functions.

For more information, please visit the Root-Servers Technical Operations website or the Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) website.