IMRS Peering information

Thank you for your expressed interest in peering with an ICANN Managed Root-Server (IMRS) instance.
Currently the IMRS peers with the Autonomous System Number AS20144.

In all exchange points we ONLY peer with route servers.
Complete peering information can be found here:

Has your organization considered hosting its own ICANN Managed Root-Server instance?

By hosting an ICANN Managed Root-Server instance (IMRS-single) you help provide your Internet users with a more resilient Internet, reducing the response time your users experience during DNS queries, and at the same time, demonstrate your organization’s commitment to a resilient and stable Internet. For additional information please visit:

If you are willing to consider hosting an ICANN Managed Root-Server instance, please contact your nearest ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement representative, who can facilitate your organization having its own ICANN Managed Root-Server instance.

For more information about hosting your own IMRS-Single, please refer to our F.A.Q. about hosting an ICANN Managed Root Server (IMRS-Single)