IMRS Peering information

Thank you for your expressed interest in peering with an ICANN Managed Root-Server (IMRS) instance.
Currently the IMRS peers with the Autonomous System Number AS20144.

In most of our exchange points we ONLY peer with route servers.
Complete peering information can be found here:

Has your organization considered hosting its own ICANN Managed Root-Server instance?

By hosting an ICANN Managed Root-Server instance (IMRS-single) you help provide your Internet users with a more resilient Internet, reducing the response time your users experience during DNS queries, and at the same time, demonstrate your organization’s commitment to a resilient and stable Internet. For additional information please visit:

If you are willing to consider hosting an ICANN Managed Root-Server instance, please contact your nearest ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement representative, who can facilitate your organization having its own ICANN Managed Root-Server instance.

For more information about hosting your own IMRS-Single, please refer to our F.A.Q. about hosting an ICANN Managed Root Server (IMRS-Single)